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Wigan Local Committee
Guidance for Patients notice       20/12/2021

Dear Patient
Employee sickness absence from work – change to rules on Fit Notes & proof of sickness for employers December 2021.
With effect from the 10 December the Government has temporarily changed the regulations which allow an employer to request a proof of sickness from their employees. The requirement to obtain a Fit Note after 7 days of absence from work has been changed.
In the period from 10th December until 26th January employees who become absent from work because of sickness do not have to obtain a proof of sickness for their employer until after 28 days of absence. During this period Employers are not allowed to ask their staff to obtain a Fit Note or provide any other proof of sickness.
The change has been introduced to help GPs to concentrate on dealing with the COVID emergency.
If you became or become absent from work owing to sickness on 10th December or after, your GP will not issue Fit Notes confirming your unfitness or fitness for work until you have been absent for 28 days (including non -work days). Your GP will not issue letters to your employers confirming your sickness if your absence started on 10th December or after and has not lasted 28 days.
The payment of Statutory Sick Pay is not affected by this change to the timescales for the provision of a Fit Note and if you qualify for statutory sick pay this will be payable after the fourth day of absence.
Your employer may not be aware of these changes, and you might wish to show this letter . The links below will be helpful for your employer to access the official Government information about the present changes.
Statutory Sick Pay: employee fitness to work – GOV.UK (
The fit note: guidance for patients and employees – GOV.UK (
Yours Faithfully
Wigan Local Medical Committee
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